Lifesized Yoda - Phantom Menace


Here comes a rare, lifesize Yoda statue

This life sized Yoda statue was a Blockbuster Video Store Contest promotional item awarded during the release of the Phantom Menace.

One statue was given to each Blockbuster store for promoting Star Wars' prequel, "The Phantom Menace". After the promotion ended, the statues were then sold, raffled or given away. This particular Yoda was won and has been in the same collection since 1999

He measures 34" tall and about 20" wide. He weighs around 20 lbs. He's wearing his typical Jedi brown cloak and carrying his signature cane. His 19" diameter base has small 5"X3" plaque bearing the name "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" logo.

He has the Lucasfilm Ltd & TM tag attached. This is a really neat collector's piece that it rare!

✶✶✶Item costs approximately $100 to ship in the continental United States, save $100 by picking him up in person in Jacksonville, Florida ✶✶✶